DX 85, 3 point lift spacers / wedges.

    • DX 85, 3 point lift spacers / wedges.

      Good morning. I'm searching for the wedges or spacers that attach to the lifting arms on my DX. I have searched all of Ireland with no success.I could purchase new from Deutz but I would say at a heavy cost. Is there somewhere in germany these can be purchased new or salvaged from a specialist supplier. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    • DX 85, 3 point lift spacers / wedges.


      schau mal in [Werkzeug & Wartung]. In dieser Rubrik findet sich vielleicht was!

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      • Hello to all.Thanks for those links to the used parts suppliers. I will certainly try and contact them by email, and hopefully have some success. Hello to landybehr. Thanks for your idea. It would be an option to replicate the spacers, that would certainly work, but I would like the originals, as I am trying to get this old girl back to her former glory. (Some day)