DX 85 p.t.o bearings.

    • DX 85 p.t.o bearings.

      hello. I've removed the P.T.O shafts on my DX 85 to replace the bearings and seals. But now I'm having a problem with locating the inner bearings on the shaft. They look like standard tapered roller bearings, but they have a lip or a shoulder on the other bearing race. The only source I have is my local Deutz dealer, and they are looking for a healthy €250 each. Is there anywhere in Germany to get these a bit more cost effective. Any help would be great.

    • DX 85 p.t.o bearings.


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    • Hi Kai and Holger.
      The bearing i removed from the end of the shaft had the numbers. FAG 30207A which is a standard cheap bearing €15. Someone must have put a new inside into the old ring. A quick cheap temporary fix. I cant tell you the exact size of the outer ring as I haven't pulled it yet. Hope to pull it tonight. Dimensions of a 30207A are 72mm outside, 35mm inside and 18.25 width. Its the outer ring that is the problem. Deutz may be my only hope. Thanks for any help.

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    • Hello Martin.
      Thanks so much for your assistance. It looks like you have found the solution. I will investigate that bearing more. Thanks to everyone for there help. The Deutz forum has been most helpful in keeping the old girl going strong.