Deutz 07c grille

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    • Hello Sir or Madam,

      First of all a warm welcome here in the Deutz Forum,
      When asked a question, it helps a lot to formulate the question as well and exactly as possible.
      First of all, are you looking for the perforated insert for the 7807c model? Or the frame? Or even both ..?
      Then I would ask for it, so we have always kept it with name and request and thank you and finally with greeting to finish.
      You will read it soon.

      And please do not be surprised, it has been the case several times that grill was called, but the frame was searched.
      The better we here in the forum, the knowledge of what you need, so in accordance with the Exact we can also answer you.

      Greetings Robert
      Mehr als einfach nur ein Schlepper- Deutz Fahr !
    • Deutz 07c-mann thank you for the reply. I am not familiar with this forum appologies. I am looking for the complete grill including frame and perforated grill. Vopei- I have seen that grill on ebay but the perforated piece is not original and may not look correct I'm afraid. If possible I would like to buy a second hand original complete grill. Thanks
    • Hello Deutz Ireland,

      now if it is the complete grill .., so with frame and this perforated sheets should be?

      Then I had posted addresses.
      But can say from the moment: Fa. Frick and Auerbacher .. or something?
      Could have something, there you should ask.
      And please, we write here mostly with name and greeting.
      Or did not I mention it?

      Greetings Robert
      Mehr als einfach nur ein Schlepper- Deutz Fahr !
    • Hello Robert,
      Thanks for the reply. Yes complete grill with both frame and perforated mesh. As I have said I woukd like to get a used part as the new is veryexpencive, however I will try frick. In Ireland there is very few deutz and very hard find salvage tractors\parts, in Germany there is many. Sorry again I did not understand the previous message but I think I do now. Thanks Robert
      Kind regards
    • Hello farmsyncro,

      Thanks for the comment, it's my first posts on a forum and hands up I should have been more formal appologies. Thankfully the Germans try to help.
      Ps, guessing your either English or Australian but let's hope your not English anyway

      Kind regards
    • Hello Farmsyncro and hello Deutz.Ireland,

      Now please, seriously. We have here a forum, which is filled by many people with experiences without end, with addresses and more.
      Now my question: Why should you not help a man ....- here from Ireland? ..- If you can do it in a few sentences then too? I had ..- as an example ..- previously read Silent and also found tips here and there.
      It was the question of a spare part. or to be more precise, because this front mask of the Deutz-Fahr 07 - 07C consists of several individual parts.
      We humans are different, but I think and hope the user Deutz.Ireland has received a help.
      And if a person encounters me with respect and courtesy, he can also ask for something, in other types of questioning, I think very well my non-reaction or reaction!
      @ Deutz Ireland also at Deutz spare parts Michael In het Panhuis, Giesenfeldstrasse 137, D-47239 Duisburg + 49- (0) 2151403005, E-Mail:, the other one was: frick-aurbacher @ t-online. DE - Please try to write in german. It could be that Mr. Fuchs, Fa. Fuchs Landtechnik, also has some advice. Or could even get parts.

      Greetings Robert
      Mehr als einfach nur ein Schlepper- Deutz Fahr !
    • Hello all,

      There was no criticism intended!!

      I have many German friends and a German partner (and German cars and now a German tractor). They are always direct and ALWAYS helpful, this is why they are friends.

      I am fairly new to this forum but already it has been very helpful but, I am sure that sometimes the auto translate makes a mess of the language for both of us.

      Please keep up the good advice. It is really interesting.


      Measure twice, cut once....
    • Hello All,
      in 2016 it was announced that „Michael in het Panhuis“ has sold his complete stock to „Traktorteile Segger“. If I recall correct, you will be automatically redirected to the website which is currently active.

      Best regards,

      "Bei 99% aller Probleme ist die umfassende Beschreibung des Problems bereits mehr als die Hälfte der Lösung desselben."
    • Hello all,
      No luck on finding a grill so I decided to make one. Not there yet but after a bit of filler is should look genuine. I wonder is there anyone with the perforated mesh on this forum?
      Kind regards

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