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    • Hi,

      Did anyone have problem with the donation to this website. I paid 10 euros donation in exchange for Gearbox Workshop Manual for Deutz FAhr DX 110, but there is no sign of email with the download link. I sent couple emails to site administrator, but there is no any reply. Is it some fraud or what?


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    • Dear Mikauna,

      obviously, so far nobody had a similar problem with this website. It is a very good, very fair and responsive meeting place for Deutz enthusiasts. If you encountered a problem, it is ok to ask for help as you did in this Thread.

      However, by hijacking randomly about 10 other threads, you are not making friends - and possibly do not even get a qualified answer to your question anyway, as the people are annoyed by someone with this behaviour!

      Furthermore, it pays off to start in a decent manner, by introducing yourself, and your initial problem.
      Just showing your lack of computer literacy, and "shouting you problem" into any thread that comes your way - that is not exactly the way of comunication that we like to see/hear/read.

      The administrators are working on this website in their sparetime, as a hobby. Put yourself in their shoes: What kind of response would you give to an annoying guy with no sense of decency, and lack of patience?

      Wishing you luck with your strategy!

      Best regards
      Gruß von RB7862
      F2L514, D50.1S, D6807
    • Dear RB7862,
      Thank you very much for your reply and (friendly) suggestions. I have had a lot experience with paying some many at the sites similar to this one and being gullible, hence my reaction like this. If I pay something, I expect it to be delivered or at least to get some information when it is going to be delivered. How I am supposed to know why administrator didn't answer in some reasonable time?

      I wont any more disturb your perfect harmony and computer and other literacy with savage like behavior from Balcans.

      Wish you luck with drang nacht osten.
    • Dear Mikauna,

      I think that your new approach "I wont any more disturb your perfect harmony and computer and other literacy with savage like behavior from Balcans" is a good start. Behaving like a decent grown-up is very much supported here.

      If I understood right, you are looking for a manual, and you are ready to pay for it (or already paid for it?). As I do not understand where teh problem occured, please explain what you did so far - and where this went wrong.

      If this is known to the administrator, I am sure that a solution can be found.

      Looking forward to your detailed information...

      Gruß von RB7862
      F2L514, D50.1S, D6807